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Teams are a fun way for a group of people to participate in the Wobble & Gobble Autism Awareness 5k. Team members do not necessarily have to walk or run the course together. Team member times are not combined or scored in any way. Some members of your team might sign up for different races - the 1k Fun Run, 5k Run, 5k Walk or the Untimed Walk for the Cause. Some team members might just be there to cheer you on! We ask that every attendee register so we can accurately account for the number of participants.

Anyone can start a team. As Team Captain, your job is to create your Team on our RunSignUp page, then recruit team members, help them register, and keep them informed with event details. You might choose to order custom team t-shirts. On the day of the event, you might choose to carpool and even bring blankets/lawn chairs to setup a home base.


Often, a Team is a group of family and friends who are running and walking in honor of a specific individual with autism. A Team can be a church, school club, sports team, or fraternity/sorority. A team can be a group of employees representing a business or professional organization.

Team registrations can be made on RunSignUp under the group/teams tab

Questions about starting a team? Please contact Jessica Waller, Race Director, at

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